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Pelham Primary School


Workshops and Presentations   

Throughout the year we run a series of workshops and information events for parents. The materials used and other helpful resources can be found for each of these sessions below

If you have any suggestions of an area of school life or the curriculum that you would like further information about, please contact the school office.

Virtual Workshops

We are pleased to be able to offer our usual parental workshops on Phonics and Early Reading, this year via technology.

These will take the form of narrated PowerPoint presentations, followed by a Q&A live session with the teachers on Google Meet.

Early Reading and Phonics

Click here to view the presentation available for Early Reading

Click here to view the presentation about how we teach phonics at Pelham through the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revisited scheme. 

Secondary School Application information evening 

 Presentation Slides

For further information about applying for Secondary Schools, please click here 

Supporting your child in EYFS and KS1 with Maths

Presentation Slides

Pitch and Expectation (Year 1)

Pitch and Expectation (Year 2)

Learning and Development in the EYFS

Supporting Writing from Reception to Year 2

 Writing from Reception to Year 2 Presentation slides

Growth Mindset 

Growth Mindset Parent Workshop presentation