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ExtraCurricular Clubs

Spring Term 2022 Extracurricular Clubs

To ensure a smooth transition to the Spring term, we require parents to preferably book pupils’ extracurricular clubs before the end of the Autumn term. Many thanks in advance for your cooperation. This will benefit both the school and parents in the following ways:

Consult the Spring 2022 Extracurricular Clubs spreadsheet, below, to see all the clubs on offer and before booking, please note the following:   

Age limit

Certain clubs may be for particular year groups only e.g. Girls' Sports is for Year 3, 4, 5 & 6. Only book onto clubs that your child is eligible to attend. 

Booking forms

Soft copies of all Clubs booking forms/information can be downloaded from the list below. Payment secures the club place.   

Payment method

Each Club supplier has their own preferred method of booking and payment so check their particular booking form for instructions. Cash payments will not be accepted by the school office. Use your child's name as a payment reference when making BACS payments. 

When paying by Parentmail, do not accidentally pay twice for the same club or pay for the wrong club! The School Business Manager has to rectify any payment mistakes made on Parentmail and payment reversals incur transaction fees for the school.


Start and finish dates and times for each club differ depending on the supplier's availability so remember to note these dates on your own family diary.

Fully booked clubs

Clubs operate on a first come, first served basis. Parents will be notified by Parentmail when a club becomes full. Parents cannot book onto clubs that are already full and paying by mistake will not guarantee you a place. Any club spaces that do become available will be offered to all.

Clubs continuity

The school tries to ensure that the same clubs run for all three terms of the academic year to allow children to make progress in their chosen interest and to minimize wraparound care changes for parents. However, club supplier availability may mean that certain clubs can only run for a limited amount of time. Many clubs are very generously run by parent volunteers and teachers in their own time. 

Spring 2022 Extracurricular Clubs Click on the link to view or download the Extracurricular Clubs spreadsheet listing all Summer 2021 term clubs, their cost, dates and times.  

Basketball  Basketball Club Y123 Booking Info (Spring 2022) 
  Basketball Club Y456 Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Choir KS1 Choir Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Choir KS2 Choir Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Dancebites Dancebites Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Drama Drama Booking Info (Spring 2022) 
Fitness Fitness Club Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Football Y12 Football Club Booking Info (Spring 2022) 
  Y3 Football Club Booking Info (Spring 2022)
  Y4 Football Club Booking Info (Spring 2022)
  Y56 Football Club Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Girls' Sports Girls' Sports Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Gymnastics Gymnastics Y12 Booking Info (Spring 2022) 
  Gymnastics Y3456 Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Karate Karate Booking Info (Spring 2022) 
Multi Skills  Y12 Multi Skills Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Netball Netball Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Running Club Running Club Booking Info (Spring 2022) 
Sewing Sewing Club Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Tag Rugby Tag Rugby Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Tech Club Tech Club Booking Info (Spring 2022)
Teddy Tennis Teddy Tennis Booking Info (Spring 2022) 
Wilton Tennis Wilton Tennis Booking Info (Spring 2022) 
Yoga Yoga Booking Info (Spring 2022)