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Pelham Primary School


School Improvement


Our School Improvement Plan is driven by our vision for the school and our journey to achieving the long term aims in our Strategic Plan. It is informed by our regular monitoring and self-evaluation of our strengths and the areas where we want to improve further.



Below is a summary of our priorities for 2022-23

  • Development of the Curriculum -  In response to our Ofsted Inspection, continuing our curriculum work and skills and knowledge progression work so that children ‘know more and remember more’. 


  • Continue to raise the standards in writing - Continue the work begun this year to address gaps in writing identified both in school and nationally, and to raise standards, motivation and enthusiasm for writing across the school.  


  • To embed an ‘emotion coaching approach’ to supporting behaviour -  Through our continued participation in The Attachment and Developmental Trauma Awareness Program (2 year funded programme of evidence based learning and development to facilitate awareness and good practice in Merton Schools) to embed an ‘emotion coaching’ approach for children and to introduce ‘zones of regulation’ across the school consistently. 


  • Pupil Premium/Send/structure of support in line with the reorganisation of the SEND funding model in Merton -  audit the way that we are using our SEND funding to support children with challenging needs and to look at how we are using the ‘ordinary available’ resources, in light of our school budget.


  • Introduce phonics programme and look at reading progression across the school - begin training and use of The Little Wandle Phonics.  Look at how we support children in their reading across the school. 


  • Redressing the deficit budget.  Look at ways of expanding income generation and efficient use of skilled personnel throughout our staffing structure.