Pelham Primary School

Year 5: Doves and Drakes

As you will see from the curriculum map available at the bottom of the page, Year 5 cover a wide and varied range of topics, including understanding how the Ancient Greeks still have influence on modern Britain and how rivers are formed and can either help or hinder the development of land use and communities.

Where possible, we make links across a wide range of subjects, including art, music and writing to ensure that we fully grasp the opportunities to develop our knowledge, skills  and understanding in a variety of ways. Topics, where appropriate, will be supported by visits to museums and other places of interest.

As well as curriculum-based visits, during the year, the children will take part in a number of special trips including to a place of work, as part of our Enabling Enterprise programme, the science museum, secondary schools and areas of interest in the local area. We also take part in the bi-annual Merton Music Foundation's celebration of music at the Royal Albert Hall.

The children will be given opportunities to show their learning at Parent's Evenings, the Christmas Concert and Year Group assembly.

Homework forms an important element of the work that we do in Year 5. Tasks will usually be linked to the learning taking place in the classroom. Each term a research topic is given to the children, linked to an element of the curriculum we are doing at that time. Tasks include researching Rivers, Space and The Ancient Greeks.

English and Maths homework are given out once a week, along with a spellings sheet, which is tested in school.

Additional work may be set for children who require some further development of concepts being studied or as a result of tasks not being completed in school

As well as the curriculum to cover, children in Year 5 also have the chance to take on additional responsibilities to show their growing maturity and commitment to the school, including becoming a Young Sports Leader. They are given opportunity to both learn new skills and then teach younger members of the school community.

During Year 5. it is sensible to start thinking about which secondary school would be best for your child when the time comes for them to leave Pelham. For this reason, many children and parents start attending secondary school open evenings and planning for the transition during this year.

As well as offering special meetings to help in this process, you will also find, by clicking here, information about Merton secondary schools.

Curriculum Overview

Click on the link below for an overview of the topics taught in each subject area, over the year.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview