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Pelham Primary School

Year 4: Nightingales and Nuthatches

 Life in year 4 begins with a virtual trip across the Atlantic Ocean to South America. Children learn about the vast and beautiful continent; looking at different landforms, comparing cities, before diving into one of the largest rainforests in the world and finding out about the animals and plants that call it home.

Year 4 cover three different topics, South America, the real and imaginary world, looking at the history and geography of Wimbledon, and finally the Romans. Where possible, we will make cross-curricular links, including art, science and writing to ensure that the children have plenty of opportunities to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of ways. There will be class trips organised throughout the year, which will be linked to the current topic, to enhance the children’s learning.

In Year 4, the children have weekly flute classes,  All music classes will be run by teachers from Merton Music Foundation.

The children will be given opportunities to show their learning at Parents’ Evening, our class assembly and through a production.

Homework forms an important element of the work that we do in Year 4. Tasks will usually be linked to the learning taking place in the classroom. Each term the children will be given a project, which will be linked to an element of the curriculum we are doing at that time.

English and Maths homework are given out once a week, along with a spellings sheet, which is tested in school.

Additional work may be set for children who require some further development of concepts being studied or as a result of tasks not being completed in school.

Sayers Croft (March 2021) - If current restrictions are lifted

Year 4 have a 3-day residential visit to Sayers Croft. This is an activity-based centre that aims to challenge and extend the children's learning experiences through a range of outdoor pursuits and team-building exercises..

Click here to view the presentation, made to parents about the visit for the March 2020.

Curriculum Overview

Click on the link below for an overview of the topics taught in each subject area, over the year.

Year 4 Curriculum Overview (2020-21)