Pelham Primary School

Year 3: Kestrels and Kingfishers

In Year 3, children make the important transition from the expectations of Key Stage 1 to those of Key Stage 2.  We encourage independence and resilience, and support the children with developing their ability to be organised and their problem solving and team work skills.  It is the first year that they take part in the KS2 quiz night, pitting their wits and general knowledge against the older children.

They have an exciting and stimulating time learning how to be enterprising through projects in our Enabling Enterprise curriculum.  For example, they make moving toys by recycling materials and then encourage Hamleys to invest in them.

Music is really important at Pelham and there is a Year 3 and 4 production at the end of the Spring term, involving singing and dancing, in which the children develop their confidence and ability to perform.  Their class assembly, linked to the curriculum, is another opportunity to be expressive and entertaining.  They plan their own assembly and in the past, they have recited some of Roald Dahl’s poems and sung and spoken in French.

At the end of the year, there is a trip which involves an overnight stay.  This has been either at school or on HMS Belfast.  They have a wonderful time, discovering the thrills of having a sleepover with many friends and the bonus of breakfast with their teachers!

Curriculum Overview

Click on the link below for an overview of the topics taught in each subject area, over the year.

Year 3 Curriculum Overview