Pelham Primary School

Physical Education

The development of physical skills is an important aspect of a child's education. We aim to develop balance, poise and co-ordination and to build self-confidence and enthusiasm for physical activity.

We recognise and praise the athletic achievements of every child and expect children to always try their best and be sensitive to others. We encourage a co-operative approach to activities, preparing children for future teamwork.

Throughout their primary years, children take part in dance, gymnastics, games and swimming. Children use the hall for gymnastics and dance activities.

Sports are a huge part of life at Pelham. Every year we enter Merton borough tournaments in a wide range of sports including netball, football (girls and boys), tennis, tag-rugby, hockey and gymnastics. While we take our sports seriously at tournament level by entering our best teams, we also recognise that every child should have the opportunity to represent his or her school in a sporting competition during the primary years as this is the time when a love of sport can be ignited. For this reason, we also play friendly games against other local schools in many sports. The number of sporting events we are involved in gives all our children opportunities to play sports regardless of ability or experience.

Aside from competitive games, we also promote sports through a variety of early morning and after-school clubs at the school. This year we offered hockey, tag-rugby, rounders, running, football and netball clubs. Next year we are adding cricket club to that list. We also hold a girls' sports club weekly which is hugely popular as it gives the girls a chance to try out a whole range of sports in a fun environment!


​We offer a range of swimming opportunities at Pelham. Children in Year 3 swim once a week for three terms. In Year 4, those children who have not reached the goal of 25 metres swimming in a recognised stroke, attend again once a week for the year.

These booster lessons helped us ensure 92% of our Year 6 cohort (2018-19) achieved the national standard of 25 metres swimming a recognised stroke.

Number of children in Year 6 (2018-19): 59

Number of those children who attended swimming lessons in Year 3: 50

Children who can swim 25m confidently using 1 stroke

Children who can swim confidently using three or more strokes

Children who can perform a safe self- rescue

54 (92%)

28 (47%)

51 (86%)

In 2019, following a mini gala of around 30 children, from which we chose a team of eight swimmers, we entered the Merton Gala Finals at the new Morden Leisure Centre. 

Out of the thirty schools that competed at the heats, we were one of the schools that had the most competitors with seven of our individual swimmers and both medley relay teams qualifying. 

Of the seven individual races, we achieved four medalled finishes and three fourth-place finishes. We dominated both our relay races and confidently achieved gold medals in both!

However, our most successful part of the day was the Overall Best Team, which was for the team who had scored the most points, when adding together the scores of every swimmer in the team. We have previously never medalled in this area, but we achieved a phenomenal joint first place win! 


We also hold a mini-gala for children to enter in order to win a place on the school swim team. 40 children competed in last year's gala. Finally, we entered the Merton Swimming Gala with our school team in March. We were very successful with 12 of the 16 children winning places in the finals and we came home with several medals including 3 golds and a trophy for winning medley relay.

Curriculum Guidance

Click on the link below for an overview of the PE themes topics taught across each year group, throughout the year.

PE Curriculum Overview

For a detailed description of the skills addressed in each Key Stage, click here to download the National Curriculum for PE. 

Sports Premium

Every year, schools receive PE and sport premium funding to promote additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.

To read about how we have used this funding over the last year and our plans for the current year, click on the links below.

Sports Premium Funding Review (2018-19)

Sports Premium Action Plan (2019 - 2020)

Purpose of the funding

We have to spend the sport funding on improving our provision of PE and sport, but have some freedom to choose how we do this.

Possible uses of the funding include:

Sports Trials - Autumn 2019-20

Click here to see what trials are taking place for sporting activities / events this term. If you want further details them speak to Mrs Cullen.

All trials start at 8am and you will need to arrive in sportswear, at the pupil entrance