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Pelham Primary School


Children at Pelham are given a variety of ways to develop their musical talents. We take part in a number of exciting projects across the school and have a rich and varied curriculum

 At Pelham we want all pupils to:

  • have a sense of enjoyment whilst developing an interest in and love of music
  • be inspired by composers, musicians and those in the wider music industry
  • appreciate the diversity of musical genres across cultures and time periods and have an awareness of how past events and key figures have shaped these
  • understand the key musical elements (dynamics, duration, tempo, pitch, timbre, texture and structure)
  • be able to understand and use musical vocabulary
  • create, compose, listen to and perform a variety of music
  • be able to understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated
  • have the opportunity to learn an instrument in some depth
  • recognise cross curricular links such as with history, geography, art and literature
  • have an understanding of musical notation
  • develop creativity and expression through music
  • be mindful of the positive link between music and emotional well-being and mental health
  • be able to link their own life experiences to music composed by others as well as themselves
  • appreciate and evaluate music in terms of their musical understanding and personal preferences
  • use technology and understand its role in music production


The Merton Music Foundation arranges for specialist peripatetic music teachers to visit the school to take individual or small groups of interested children for lessons on the piano, flute and guitar. There is also the opportunity for children to become young rock stars through ‘Rock Steady’, a club where children can form a band and learn the keyboard, drums, electric guitar, bass guitar or sing! The children then get to perform once a term to both the school and parents.


Children in Year 4 are taught to play the flute, by a specialist teacher throughout the year. These sessions also include other musical skills such as reading music and understanding musical vocabulary. Every child then performs at a special showcase, giving them an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learnt.




Year 5 putting on an amazing show at

The Royal Albert Hall in 2019

At Pelham, every year we participate in a wide variety of workshops and projects based around or linked to music. For example, our Year 5’s have performed at the Royal Albert Hall and provide opportunities for children to see high quality live music being performed whenever possible such as trips to New Wimbledon Theatre or arranging for musicians to come to the school.


Every class performs a class assembly for parents and carers once a year. These special assemblies always have a musical influence with singing, percussion and dance playing an important part. The assemblies are very popular and always well attended by parents.


Every Christmas, we stage two productions for Early Years/Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and Year 5 perform a carol concert. Year 6 also have a production in the summer term as one of their final challenges before moving on the secondary Once a year, usually during the spring term, the whole school is encouraged to participate in ”Pelham’s Got Talent” or “Strictly Come Dancing”; events which showcases the children’s many creative talents including singing, playing musical instruments, dancing and comedy sketches. The events are hugely popular for both children and staff alike.



Curriculum Guidance

Click on the link below for an overview of the music topics taught across each year group, throughout the year.

Music Curriculum Overview

A Musician at Pelham - Skills progression through the year groups

For a detailed description of the skills and knowledge taught in each Key Stage, click here to download the National Curriculum for music.