Pelham Primary School


In History and Geography we focus our attention on the importance of the concepts, skills and processes involved in these areas, as well as the content. Examples include developing a sense of the past, the ability to draw comparisons between now and then, our awareness of people in other countries of the world and the development of mapping skills. We aim to incorporate these into our work with the children at Pelham.

There is an emphasis on practical first-hand experience with class visits to museums, galleries and historic buildings, which play an important part in our work during the year. We draw from a variety of other resources - maps, reference books, pictures, artefacts, people and television programmes.



Curriculum Guidance

Click on the link below for an overview of the history and geography topics taught across each year group, throughout the year.

History Curriculum Overview

Geography Curriculum Overview

For a detailed description of the topics taught in each key stage, click on the subject to download the National Curriculum for either History and Geography.