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Pelham Primary School

Children as Learners

Growth and Fixed Mindsets

We aim to create classroom cultures and classroom environments that cultivate the habits and attitudes of curious, confident and independent learners.  We value the process of learning and not just the product.  This encourages children to see the value in the learning journey that they have taken in a lesson and recognise the progress that they have made. 

There are a number of skills and attributes that we believe children need to be lifelong learners. These things can be taught, both at home and at school, and help children to develop a growth mindset.  A growth mindset is when someone believes that they can get better at something if they keep on trying and learn from their mistakes.  There is no such thing as fixed intelligence – this can grow through hard work, concentration and a positive attitude to learning. 

A fixed mindset is when someone either believes that they can’t do something and isn’t willing to try or when someone feels they are already good enough at something and they aren’t motivated to improve.

At Pelham Primary School we encourage children to develop a growth mindset towards their learning. By unlocking learning behaviours and talking the language of learning we aim to help our children develop their learning characteristics.